Light Upon Light

Light Upon Light was a group exhibition exploring The King’s Wood in Molash near Faversham in Kent. The exhibition was on display at the St Mary of Charity Church in Faversham, the Harbour Arm Gallery in Margate and Creek Creative in Faversham.

My work was split into two sections, the first of which “Electro” looked at creating “Light Sculptures”. These pieces used coloured LED lights and long exposure photography techniques to create non-permanent sculptures that only existed within the photograph.

The second section explores the concept of working with a blank canvas. In this case the removal of light at night. This gave me the opportunity to light sections of the scene to create something theatrical, using directional light and/or the available natural light. More from the series here

Coming Together or Parting Ways?
"Envious Eyes..."
Dumper Truck - King's Wood
"you can come and play now..."
Light Sculpture with Bluebells - King's Wood
Light Wall - Light Painting - King's Wood
Light Sculpture with Bluebells - King's Wood
Wrapped with light - Light Painting - King's Wood